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Refinement high strengthened shaft
YSU-1 The stainless shaft YSU-1 which is hard and highly resistant to rust.
Linear shaft


YSBA:One end tapped

YSBB:Both ends tapped

YSCA:One end threaded

YSCC:Both ends threaded

YSCB:One end threaded/One end tapped

YSDA:One end stepped

YSDD:Both ends stepped

YSDB:One end stepped/One end tapped

YSDC:One end stepped/One end threaded

YSEA:one end stepped and tapped

YSEE:Both ends stepped and tapped

YSFB:One end stepped and tapped/One end tapped

YSEC:One end stepped and tapp/One end threaded

YSED:One end stepped and tapped/One end stepped

YSFA:Retaining ring groove on one end

YSFF:Retaining ring grooves on both ends

YSGA:One end stepped and grooved

YSHA:Plate grooved

YSJA:One end V grooved

YSJJ:Both ends V grooved

YSKK:Tapped on generating line

Stainless linear shaft


YSSBA:One end tapped

YSSBB:Both ends tapped

YSSCA:One end threaded

YSSCC:Both ends threaded

YSSCB:One end threaded/One end tapped

YSSDA:One end stepped

YSSDD:Both ends stepped

YSSDB:One end stepped/One end tapped

YSSDC:One end stepped/One end threaded

YSSEA:one end stepped and tapped

YSSEE:Both ends stepped and tapped

YSSFB:One end stepped and tapped/One end tapped

YSSEC:One end stepped and tapp/One end threaded

YSSED:One end stepped and tapped/One end stepped

YSSFA:Retaining ring groove on one end

YSSFF:Retaining ring grooves on both ends

YSSGA:One end stepped and grooved

YSSHA:Plate grooved

YSSJA:One end V grooved

YSSJJ:Both ends V grooved

YSSKK:Tapped on generating line

Pipe linear shaft

YSPAA:Pipe straight

YSPBA:Pipe one end tapped

YSPBB:Pipe both ends tapped

YSPCA:Pipe one end threaded

YSPCC:Pipe both ends threaded

YSPCB:Pipe one end threaded, one end threaded

YSPDA:one end stepped

YSPDD:Pipe both ends stepped

YSPDB:Pipe one end stepped, one end tapped

YSPDC:Pipe one end stepped, one end threaded

Linear bush

Y-UU:Standard type linear bush

Y-LUU:Long type linear bush

YF-UU:Round flange short type

YF-LUU:Round flange long type

YK-UU:Square flange short type

YK-LUU:Square flange long type

YT-UU:Oval flange short type

YT-LUU:Oval flange long type

YFP-UU:Round flange short type

YFP-LUU:Round flange long type

YKP-UU:Square flange short type

YKP-LUU:Square flange long type

YTP-UU:Oval flange short type

YTP-LUU:Oval flange long type

YFC-LUU:Round flange long type

YKC-LUU:Square flange long type

YTC-LUU:Oval flange long type

YU-AUU:Standard housing type

YU-LUU:housing long type

Support unit

SK:support unit

SHF:support unit

cpc Linear guide
Standerd Linear guide

ARC series MS/MN/ML

ARC series FS/FN

HRCseries MN/ML

ERCseries MN/ML

HRCseries FN/FL

ERCseries MN/ML

Miniature Standard type

MR-M SU series/MR-M ZU series

MR-M SS series

MR-M ZZ series

MR-M SUE series/MR-M ZUE series

MR-M EE series/MR-M EZ series

MR-M EU series/MR-M UZ series

Miniature wide type

MR-W SU series/MR-W ZU series

MR-W ZZ series

MR-W SUE series/MR-w ZUE series

MR-W EE series/MR-W EZ series

MR-W EU series/MR-W UZ series

MR-M M series/MR-W series

Trapezoidal screw

YTr-R(L) Standard trapezoidal screw shaft

SYTr-R(L) Standard trapezoidal screw shaft

YNF-R(L) Nut with flange

YNS-R(L) Straight nut

Special specification

Special specification2

Standard parts (YSK brand)

No-oil-supply bush

Machine key

Standard rack

SUS304 rotary shaft
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Kyushu factory

Fukushima factory

Osaka factory

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