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We worked on the manufacturing and sales of any kinds of shafts which are an essential part for machines since our company was established in 1966 in Osaka. We have been supported by our customers ever since. We have made an effort for 45 years concerning the questions; "What is necessary for customers?" and "Is our customer and users happy with our products?". We are using our accumulated experience and researched technologies. We put together the parts which are the essence of machines such as beginning linear shafts, drive shafts, eccentric shafts, rollers, spindles, linear rails, linear bushes, racks, no-oil-supply bushes, reduction gears and high-strengthened shafts. We have built a system which should be able to support customers by the power of commodity and technology which we have named "the general engineering company".

We work passionately on technological innovation as well. We have developed new products in join projects with universities. One such product is the stainless shaft named YSU-1 which is highly resistant to rust. Another product is the refinement of a high-strengthened shaft which is able to be smaller than other conventional products. These new developed products attract people's attention since they are new materials which are unconventional. We contribute to societies evolution by aiding in the development of technology.

We turn our attention towards gaining support for overseas from a global view point.We set up our factory in Prachin Buri Thailand during the spring of 2013. We will provide our services to customers who are manufacturing in Asia.We will expand our business as a "general engineering company", drawing on our experience and technology which we have cultivated in Japan.


Company overview

Firm name YSK Co.,Ltd.
Establishment June 1966
Capital stock 32 million Japanese yen
Executive Chairman Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi
President Naoto Ishikawa
Managing director Tomomi Yamaguchi
Employee Men and women total 200
Our bankers Mizuho bank (Yao branch)
Mitsui Sumitomo bank (Yao branch)
Awa bank (Higashi Osaka branch)
Saga bank (Arita ekimae branch)
Nanto bank (Yao branch)
Imari credit union (Nishi Arita branch)
Japan Finance Corporation (Saga branch)
Head office address 1-17,Izumi-mati,Yao-shi,Osaka 581-0813,Japan
Head office TEL TEL:+81(0)72-997-1466
Head office FAX Fax+81(0)72-998-1959
Kyushu factory, business office address 3103-6,Kitanokawachi-otsu,Arita-cho,Nishimatsuura-gun,Saga 849-4166,Japan
Kyushu factory TEL TEL:+81(0)955-46-5115
Kyushu factory FAX Fax:+81(0)955-46-5166
Fukushima factory, business office address 2-9,Higashi-ku,Taishinshimoshinjo,Shirakawa-shi,Fukushima 969-0304,Japan
Fukushima factory TEL TEL:+81(0)248-54-5677
Fukushima factory FAX Fax:+81(0)248-54-5611
Tokyo business office address 2-4-10-101B,Shinozaki-cho,Edogawa-ku,Tokyo 133-0061,Japan
Tokyo business office TEL TEL:+81(0)35-664-2160
Tokyo business office FAX Fax:+81(0)35-664-2161
Nagoya business office address Taiyo Building 4F,107,Yanamori-cho,Nakagawa-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi 454-0871,Japan
Nagoya business office TEL TEL:+81(0)52-365-2855
Nagoya business office FAX Fax:+81(0)52-365-2883
Bangkok Thailand
Business office address
Bangkok Office:1/19 Bangna Thani Building,9F B1, Soi Bangna-Trad 34, Bangna-Trad Road Km.3,Kwaeng Bangna,Khet Bangna,Bangkok 10260,Thailand
Bangkok Thailand
Business office TEL
TEL:+66(0)21 707 402
Bangkok Thailand
Business office FAX
FAX:+66(0)21 707 403
Purachin Buri Thailand factory address 589 Moo 7,T.Thatoom,A.Srimahaphote,Prachin Buri Thailand 2514
Purachin Buri Thailand factory TEL TEL:+66 (0)37 218 931〜2
Head office, factory
本社工場 本社工場  
Kyushu business office factory  
本社工場 本社工場  
Tokyo business office  
本社工場 本社工場  
Nagoya business office  
本社工場 本社工場  
Fukushima business office, factory  
本社工場 本社工場  
Thailand business office, factory (Siam YSK Co.,Ltd / YSK AXXEL CO.,LTD.)  
タイ営業所 タイ工場  


June 1966 Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi (present Chairman) established Izumi Seisakusho under private management.
April 1970 Tomisabu Yamaguchi established Hanna Kkoshuha Kogyosho under private management.
July 1973 Izumi Seisakusho and Hanna Kkoshuha Kogyosho were combined. We started and registered as Yamasan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Capital stock : 2,000,000 JPY
December 1973 The location was moved to 6-53, Ymaga-cho, Yao-shi.
December 1983
Heat treatment department and precision machinery department were established.
August 1984 Precision machinery department has been moved to 1-17, Izumi-cho, Yao-shi. Production and sales of slide shafts were initiated.
June 1985 Precision machinery department was registered as the head office of Yamasan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Capital stock : 8,000,000 JPY. Heat treatment department was started as Yamasan Co., Ltd.
June 1989 We were identified as a designated factory by the NTN Corporation.
August 1990 Kyushu factory and business office were established by a capital stock of 32 million yen. Women staffs for field work was employed.
September 1991 We started to make precision shafts for printing machines.
December 1991 Kyushu factory was extended.
April 1992 We purchased double column type machining center. We developed an induction hardening device for slide shafts (horizontal machine 6m).
March 1996 Welfare building was constructed.
June 1997 The name of the company was changed from Yamasan Kogyou Co., Ltd. to YSK Corporation Co., Ltd.
March 1998 Tokyo branch was established.
December 2000 Kyushu factory acquired ISO 9002.
June 2001 The management system was installed. It is able to manage the production status by network from Osaka, Kyushu and Tokyo.
January 2004 Nagoya branch was established.
January 2004 The name of the company was changed from YSK Corporation Co., Ltd. to YSK Co., Ltd.
January 2004 Osaka head office factory acquired ISO 9001.
October 2004 The second factory in Kyushu was completed. Double column type machining center with five-face machining equipment was installed.
February 2005 Tokyo branch was moved for business expansion.
May 2006 Exclusive machining center for long material (SVC : Super Velocity Center) was installed.
August 2006 Complex CNC lathe machine(INTEGREX30-IV)was installed.
June 2008 Fukushima business office and factory were established.
August 2009 "We became a certified company, based on the provisions of the
1st clause of article IV (Four) of the Act on Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises' Core Manufacturing Technology."
August 2009 We were also chosen to carry out the Strategic Basic Technology Enhancement Support Project in fiscal 2009 (revised budget project in fiscal 2009).
April 2012 Kyushu factory acquired ISO 14000.
June 2013 We set up our factory in Purachin Buri Thailand and established business office in Bangkok Thailand.
September 2014 Patented heating method and heat treatment equipment.
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