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YSK started by making its first shaft in 1966. Through the years, we researched and developed, through trial and error. We have met every customer’s requirements and provided high quality products. We have made linear shafts, trapezoidal screw, SUS304 rotary shafts and machine keys with original technologies. We will strive to enhance the performance of our products which will enable them to be used for various fields.

The linear shaft of our main products is the key commodity of industrial machines. Its used as a guide for straight-line back-and-forth motion mechanisms and is also used to increase the rigidity of machines. The linear shafts are basic parts, which are indispensable in various industry machines commencing with machine tools. That's why they should have superior abrasion resistance and should be high-precision products that satisfy the standard for geometrical tolerance such as cylindricity and circularity. The linear shafts should be high-grade products which gratify upgrading needs. Those are our high-grade product groups.

YSK supports companies on the forefront of the mechatronical field technology by providing expertly manufactured machine parts cultivated through on our knowledge and experience gained over years of production.


Products line-up of YSK

微細化高強度シャフト YSU-1ステンレスシャフト
We have succeeded in refining the surface texture of shafts by using our technology of induction hardening treatment. These high strengthened shafts have finally been perfected by using this texture refinement. It has 1.4 times the rotating strength and 10 times the abrasion resistance strength than conventional shafts.   “YSU-1” is the stainless shaft which is highly resistant to rust and abrasion. Corrosion resistance of new material ""YSU-1"" substantiates corrosion resistance of equivalent with SUS303 and SUS304.
リニアシャフト リニアブッシュ
The linear shaft is used as guide such as straight-line back-and-forth motion mechanism. Therefore linear shafts should have superior abrasion resistance and are high-precision products that satisfy the standard for geometrical tolerance such as cylindricity and circularity. Please use our linear shaft, which we proud of it's high precision, by all means.   While maintaining a low price, our linear bushes retain their high-precision and high-rigidity performance. We provide the finest machinery parts for customers who designs and makes various machines.
台形ネジ   cpcリニアレール
We have rolling trapezoidal screw series as well. There are YTr-R(L) type and SYTr-R(L) type which are used as trapezoidal screw shafts, and YNF-R(L) type and YNS-R(L) type which are used as nuts. Furthermore the basic size of trapezoidal screws follows JIS B0216.   We manufacture machine parts by our technology and experience which we have cultivated for long time. We provide rotary shafts, drive shafts and base plates, etc. which have heat treatment with short delivery term, high precision and low price.
台形ネジ   cpcリニアレール
They are motion parts which we provide with confidence and trust. The Oil Free Bushings is superior in sliding and lubricity under the condition of oil free Bushings and maintenance free. The parallel key lets rotary shafts and gears or belt pulleys fix and rotate together. The standard rack changes rotary motion to linear motion. We have assortment of these parts.   Antirust effect is provided in environments that are easy to cause rust by adopting SUS304, austenitic stainless. YSK SUS304 rotary shafts provide high-precision products for geometric tolerance such as circularity, straightness and concentricity.
You can download the general catalog and CAD data of YSK. When you download, I apologize for inconvenience but, there are some items we have you input your information.    
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