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Trapezoidal screw (&nut)


We have rolling trapezoidal screw series as well. There are YTr-R(L) type and SYTr-R(L) type which are used as trapezoidal screw shafts, and YNF-R(L) type and YNS-R(L) type which are used as nuts. Furthermore the basic size of trapezoidal screws follows JIS B0216.


The example of machining of trapezoidal screw nut

We adopt BC6 material of the nut, because it’s superior for abrasion resistant and low coefficient of friction, and it satisfies the feed function. We can make other materials also, please feel free to contact us about that.

The half nut for high precision feed screw such as lathe machine (split nut)

The type that make the part of trapezoidal screw eccentricity and can mount with cylindrical form

The nut of quadruple thread which raised the feed speed

The type which treat the trapezoidal screw anti-corrosion (Parkerizing)

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